View All Camera Bags. For information on error messages, see the Printing Guide. Fixed Lens Cameras Cameras. Unpacking The Colorpass Before you touch any components inside the ColorPASS, attach a grounding strap to your wrist and discharge any static electricity on your body by touching the metal cover of the ColorPASS. When you remove components from an antistatic bag, place them on a grounded antistatic surface, component-side up. Functions The Functions screen also is always active, but it appears in the display window only when the user has pressed the Menu button to select it.

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Carefully lift up the clip that holds the battery.

This page requires Javascript. If you are installing a new HDD, unpack the drive. Align the mounting holes in the motherboard with the standoffs in the tray. To Remove Boards from the Motherboard 1.

Canon ColorPASS Z40e

A Category 5 unshielded colorpaes pair cable network cable must be used for BaseT. The battery may present a fire or chemical burn hazard if mistreated. Select Restore Backup from the Service menu. Resident fonts are restored during system software installation.


Connect the UIB cable connector to the connector on operation colropass board on the top panel. Intermittent print quality and color quality problems are difficult to trace. Make sure the back panel connectors on the motherboard clear the tray as you remove the board.

This screen allows you to reinstall system software if required, recover a backup of the system, and install options and system software upgrades.

General Colorpass System Error Conditions System Software Service Locate the battery on the motherboard at BT1 key location 15 in F on page System Contact Person Use the up and down buttons to scroll through the list of menu command options. Appendix contains a table canno specifications and a list of tools.

Insert System Software CD and press any key. Chapter 5 Troubleshooting provides tables of typical problems and actions to take with a list of error messages.

Pressing and holding the fourth line selection button during the startup diagnostics displays the Service menu. The message Check z40d and cable may display in the Control Panel during the startup process. Using a head screw driver, remove the six motherboard mounting screws.


Consumer Product Support – Canon

The Ethernet board is installed in motherboard connector PCI5. To Replace Colorpasd Video Board To replace a DIMM, slide it straight into the socket until the levers on each side lock into place. Check motherboard jumper settings. Do not unscrew the six screws on the rounded side of the HDD. The notches on the bottom of the DIMM should line up with the notches in the socket.

Grasp the board at the front and back edge and gently pull it straight out of its connector. Attach an ESD wrist strap before handling internal parts. Find out about our upcoming photography events. Photographers share their creative secrets.


See the Configuration Guide. To Replace the Motherboard Battery 1. Is the failure caused by a simple operating problem?