From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Data is encrypted during WRITE operations, when the encryption key is passed from the server to the drive. Half height drives may not attain the same speed. Check here to start a new keyword search. If data is written to volumes using the new format and if the volumes are then returned to scratch, they will contain labels that are only readable by encryption-enabled drives.

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When the parameter is set to ON, backup operations will fail if the hardware is configured for another encryption method.

IBM Half-high LTO Generation 4 SAS Tape Drive Product Guide (withdrawn product) > Lenovo Press

Within the im rules stated above, drives and cartridges from different vendors are expected to be interchangeable. Files are always appended to the end of the tape.

If a file is modified and overwritten or removed from the volume, the associated tape blocks used are not freed up: Between generations, there are strict compatibility rules that describe how and which drives and cartridges can be used together. Your Email Address optional. This technology utilizes a stronger level of encryption by requiring bit Advanced Encryption Standard AES encryption keys.

Linear Tape-Open

This debris can result in increased media wear which generates more debris. The tape inside an LTO ggen is wound around a single reel. Check here to start a new keyword search.

Imation ended all magnetic tape production in [52]but continued making cartridges using TDK tape.

None of the above, continue with my search. Check with your hardware vendor to determine whether AME is supported. When installed in a System x server, this tape drive assumes your system’s base warranty and any IBM ServicePack upgrade.


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Another chunk of bytes of information including statistics and information about the drive that wrote the data and when it was written is then added to create a ‘dataset’. There is nothing different about the tape medium in a WORM cartridge. Complete the following steps: This permits the encryption of data for empty storage pool volumes. Read compatibility with LTO 2 and 3 cartridges Support for encryption of data on Ultrium 4 cartridges. Other volumes, for example backup sets, export volumes, and database backup volumes will not be encrypted.

Linear Tape-Open – Wikipedia

The end of the tape is attached to a perpendicular leader pin that is used by an LTO drive to reliably grasp the end of the tape and mount it in a take-up reel inside the drive.

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Tivoli Storage Manager generates and stores the keys in the server database. For more information on setting up your hardware environment to ibm hh lto gen 4 scsi drive encryption, refer to your hardware documentation. Although the physical tape was nominally the same size, the technologies and intended markets were significantly different and there was no compatibility between them.

Supported enclosures and enclosure kit You can use the enclosures and enclosure kit shown in Table 5 with the internal tape drive when it is to be installed externally. If data is written to volumes using the new format and if the volumes are then returned to scratch, they will contain labels that are only readable by encryption-enabled drives.


In contrast to other tape technologies, an Ultrium cartridge is rigidly defined by a particular generation of LTO technology and cannot be used in any other way.

The tape head assembly, that reads from and writes to the tape, straddles a single data band and the two adjacent servo bands. Example Define an encrypted storage pool so that Kbm Storage Manager is the encryption key manager.


HP is the notable exception. The real-world performance never exceeded that of the Ultrium tape format, so there was never a demand for Accelis and no drives or media were commercially produced. In common usage, LTO generally refers to the Ultrium form factor.

In the course of its existence, LTO has succeeded on both fronts, almost completely displacing all other mid-range and low-end tape technologies and preventing, or at least delaying, the predicted “death of tape” [73] at the hands of disk.

Around the time of the release of LTO-1, Seagate’s magnetic tape division was spun off as Seagate Removable Storage Solutions, later renamed Certancewhich was subsequently acquired by Quantum.