The phone itself is in perfect working con There’s also a flight mode, so that you can use the entertainment facilities should the airline allow without worrying about the cellular part of the phone interfering with cockpit navigation equipment. But the best of these is the digital zoom – the 8x range is available even when using the least compression and highest resolution. It tips the scales at a surprising g – which we reckon is a touch much for a non-3G phone that is trying to attract users because of its petite lines. Phonebook x 20 fields, Photo call. The RAZR family of phones continues to sell well – and has spawned a new wave of handsets that put form before function.

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But it is not a particularly large screen or high quality one – the passive display’s main party trick being to provide a low-resolution viewfi nder when taking pictures of yourself with the phone’s clamshell closed. The first phone was released in September Against No 3G services No close-ups or focus control on camera.


The k11 drawback, however, is the weight. Launched as an iconic style phone back inthe RAZR was a marvellous feat of engineering; it was much thinner than the phones that we were used to, and used good old-fashioned metallic material in innovative ways.

Motorola Krzr

K1 20 MB It tips the scales at a surprising g – which we reckon is a touch much for a non-3G phone that is trying to attract users because of its petite lines. This phone is for the Page Plus network only. It is ready to be activated and works as it should! Although this is a pleasant enough handset, it is hard to believe it will set the market on fire in the same way as the original RAZR did.


This product has been carefully audi Our early engineering sample of the MOTOKRZR, which was set-up to optimise access motorkzr American network Cingular’s services, came with two Java games loaded onborad, a rather nice looking version of wallbreaker and a mind-taxing soduku puzzler. The camera does this by effectively just using the central pixels – producing a smaller image fi le, which motkrzr not offer such enlargement possibilities.

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Motorola Krzr – Wikipedia

While the RAZR was very thin, it was as a consequence also wider than most clamshells around. Screen clear and bright. This item is both tested motokrar works. But launched at a luxury price, this phone was less than state-of-the-art in other ways, with a relatively standard issue features rundown – and few would have guessed that the RAZR would progress from cult clamshell to mass-market appeal.

Motorola KRZR K1

The camera produces reasonable results in good light – and when a decent distance from the mohokrzr. The Krzr series kicked off with the K1, launched in July Views Read Edit View history. On paper at least, if you use the best settings you can get images that can be blown up to 8×6-inch prints using photo paper in your home inkjet printer. Motorola mobile phones Mobile phones introduced in With some two million imaging pixels at its disposal, it offers six times the resolution of that available with the original RAZR V3.


The phone included stylized features such as a glossy glass finish. Fortunately, the phone allows you to expand memory using microSD flash cards.

The glassy exterior means that you can see the time on the clock, and other key indicators, even when the backlight has switched itself off. Push to talk With PTT your connected. Battery included unsure of battery life. The earbuds we had available gave a rather flat response, but the good news is that the MOTOKRZR offers the latest stereo Bluetooth support, so that you can use a wireless stereo headset to listen to your sounds motokfzr style.

Very very stylish phone. Inside the clamshell, the display mottokrzr a good quality TFT-technology affair – although with a xpixel count is probably the bare minimum that you would want for watching movies that had been shot by the onboard camcorder.

Motorola KRZR K1 – Full phone specifications

It’s a neat package, made more alluring by a ‘Cosmic’ blue finish and a glasslike frontage that semi-conceals the external information panel and the camera. Phone is tested and fully functional. No battery is included, but is required for the phone to work.