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They were 1 of 2 companies I went to. Marketing Coordinator, Highstreet Ventures. They do great work. This time, we wanted a company that was well versed in website builds in addition to understanding marketing techniques. What challenge were you trying to address with Roketto?

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I liked the owner and the web developer, but we had problems with the project manager. That shows that people are spending more time on the site and finding that form on the experience page. Maybe a day or two here and there.

Their design knowledge of WordPress and what can be achieved is fantastic. Instead of just sending a PDF proposal in response to our RFP, they came to us in person, shook our hands, and gave us a booklet with their proposal.

We receive reports every month. Rokstto also provided advertising strategy and distribution services. Profession al and fun staff that go the extra mile to make sure all yo Currently, their team performs routine site maintenance and resolves technical issues. They adhered to my initial budget, and subsequent work was at a very good rate. The first part of the project started in February This rokett, we wanted a company that was well versed in website builds rlketto addition to understanding marketing techniques.


Great company, quality work, communicat ion and a fun team! So rewarding to take their vision and make it a reality on the web. I would say the look of the site and the ability to collect the playlist are the 2 things we’re getting a lot of good feedback on.

What are some features on this site that were not on your old website? If it’s not conversion focused, we don’t do it. No, they exceeded our expectations. Now that the website has launched, they work on site maintenance and service requests.

It took a long time to make changes and we had no backend access. Trisha Miltimore Passion Igniter. None of their design is ever dated.

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No, I don’t have any suggestions for improvements; they did a really good job overall. How did you come to work with Roketto? The team has since transitioned into a support role and now provide digital marketing counsel. Check it out at hyperhippo. Food For Fitness Helping busy people lose weight with healthy meals, recipes, and podcasts. Roketto is recommended to anyone in need of a complex, custom application.


Roketto developed a WordPress site with several custom plug-ins.

The playlist functionality and overall design of the site are frequently praised by customers. Even though there were existing plug-ins, they wouldn’t do exactly what we needed.

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The other companies just gave an estimate on an rokefto basis, whereas Roketto gave a quote on a project basis. Are there any areas they could improve? I believe we had the main developer and another person helping with some of the sales, so I would say we had about 4 people involved.

We gave them a deadline, and they came through. I think there was a certain template that worked but then we had to make some modifications to suit what we needed. We had 2, sessions, and 1, unique users to our website.